History of the Ontario Food and Nutrition Strategy


  • The Ontario Collaborative Group on Healthy Eating and Physical Activity (OCGHEPA) identified the need for an Ontario Food and Nutrition Strategy


  • Research for strategy; captured in two reports: Development of an Ontario Food and Nutrition Strategy – Background Document and A Collaborative Inter-ministerial Approach to Developing a Food and Nutrition Action Plan for Population Health –Discussion Paper


  • Creation of a “Design Team” to write a draft strategy and design a consultation process (June 23)
  • Two rounds of consultation with relevant ministries (agriculture and food, health, education, child and youth) and some provincial food, health and farming groups: stakeholders meetings #1 and #2 (June 23 and November 28)
  • Bring Food Home workshop (Oct 27)


  • 1st round online open consultation on Sustain Ontario website (April – May) – 233 participants; 126 submissions – across Ontario
  • The Ontario Public Health Conference (TOPHC) April 4 workshop ~40 participants
  • Stakeholders meeting #3 (June 18th) ~ 40 representatives – agriculture, food, health, government, non-government organizations, academia
  • August to Sept – recommendations submitted to OMAF re: Local Food Act and MOHLTC re: Healthy Kids Panel (Childhood Obesity Panel)
  • Draft strategy and action plan released to stakeholders (December 12)


  • 2nd round online open consultation on Sustain Ontario website (to Feb 2013) – 78 submissions
  • Inter-ministerial meeting (10 ministries represented): briefing on draft Ontario Food and Nutrition Strategy and discussion of ministerial involvement in existing food and nutrition programming and policies (Feb 4)
  • Ontario Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance – Healthy Eating Panel – in person and webinar (March 18)
  • Public Health Ontario – in person presentation and webinar ~ 90 participants from public health (June 4);
  • October – November – recommendations to government for Local Food Act (passed Nov, 2013), proposed Menu Labelling Act, and Poverty Reduction Strategy
  • Revised Draft Strategy and action plan released to stakeholders (Sept 30)
  • Engagement with First Nations, Métis and Inuit on-reserve (Oct 1- 2, 2013) Thunder Bay/Fort William
  • Furthering engagement with food industry
  • Sustain Ontario – Bring Food Home Conference – Windsor (Nov 16-17)
  • Sustain Ontario Advisory Committee members (~40) strategic planning involving the draft strategy and conference workshop (~ 20 participants) – agriculture, food, health, academia, community members


  • Public Health Ontario Healthy Children’s conference – poster presentation – collaborative governance and collective impact (January 21 and 22)
  • Re-engagement of Stakeholders – Nutrition Resource Centre/OPHA webinar (Feb 25)
  • OPHA conference – Health in all Policies (March 6)
  • Sustain Ontario teleconference – Municipal, Regional Food Policy workgroup (~20 attending) (May 6)
  • Sustain Ontario: webinar June 2 (20 participants) & online surveys targeted to those previously engaged in developing the draft strategy and attending face-to-face
  • FNIM off-reserve key informant interviews
  • 3rd round online open consultation on Sustain Ontario website (May-July) – 33 submissions
  • Revised Ontario Food and Nutrition Strategy and Action Plan Framework released to stakeholders (October)


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