History and Background Documents

Between April 24th and May 31, 2012 there was an initial consultation on an early draft of the food strategy. There were more than 130 submissions by over 200 food and farming experts. These submissions helped to prioritize elements of the strategy and offered suggestions for changes to content, language, and structure as well as a wealth of research and reports. All of the feedback has been compiled into the June 2012 Consultation Report which includes a significant Annotated Bibliography.

The Design Team integrated the feedback from the first consultation into the December 2012 draft of the Strategy and Action Plan, which was open for an online consultation from December 2012 to February 2013. We received 78 submissions during this time. We continued our engagement with key government contacts and stakeholder groups and created a third Draft Strategy and Action Plan, September 30, 2013.   We conducted another online survey between May and July 2014 and received an additional 33 submissions.

Between June 2011 and the present time we have engaged with many organizations and groups through webinars, presentations and meetings. See list of achievements to date.

Learn more about the foundations and concepts underlying the strategy? Read our background documents, reports and presentations.



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