Inspiring Stories Sprouting from Farm to School Grant Recipients

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Author: Josie Di Felice

Posted: September 13, 2017

Categories: Edible Education Network / GoodFoodBites / News from Sustain Members / Schools

Farm to Cafeteria Canada Image

Last year, 50 schools in Ontario and British Columbia received Farm to School Grants, giving thousands of students the invaluable opportunity to grow, harvest, cook, preserve and eat nutritious local foods at school.

The grants—valued at approx. 10K each—supported these Canadian schools in bringing the local harvest to school cafeterias through fresh salad bars. You can see a list of all the recipients here, which includes 23 schools in Ontario.

Now after their first year of bringing the farm to the cafeteria tray, stories from these ambitious, nutritious schools have been pouring in, and are up on Farm to Cafeteria Canada’s (F2CC) website for your enjoyment and inspiration.

“Each story illuminates a bee hive of activity engaging students, volunteers, cooks, chefs, teachers, principals, parents, gardeners and bakers, farmers, and cheese makers alike. The impact and the benefits of the programs jump off the page,” the F2CC website reads.

We encourage you to indulge yourself in all the stories shared, and read firsthand the significant impact that farm to school has on everyone involved; students, educators, local farmers and communities all reap immeasurable benefits.

These farm to school grants were made possible through a partnership between Farm to Cafeteria Canada, the Whole Kids Foundation, Sustain Ontario’s Edible Education Network, the Social Planning and Research Council of BC, and the Public Health Association of British Columbia.