Good Food Policies

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Join Sustain Ontario in developing Good Food Policies for Ontario.

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Good food policies have the potential to grow Ontario’s economy, reduce our health care spending, reduce our environmental impact, combat poverty, improve our education system, and ensure a sustainable future for our province. Support us in developing great policies and programs for our province.

The Local Food Act

The Ontario Liberals are currently working on policies and programs for a Local Food Act, which they promised in their election platform. Sustain Ontario has developed a Statement of Purpose and is currently working on a series of backgrounders that highlight recommendations that we would like to see included in the Local Food Act and in other food policies. Additionally, the drafting notes outline the administrative and legislative aspects that should make up the Act and that help to achieve its objectives.

The Local Food Act Statement of Purpose

When the Local Food Act was first introduced, a large number of businesses and organizations signed on to the statement of purpose in order to send the strongest possible message.

Drafting Notes

Click the link above to access the drafting notes on which we continue to accept input. If you have feedback on this document, please send it in an email to If you are in touch with other groups that are not members that you think would have useful input for the drafting notes, please share this page with them.

Local Food Policy Recommendations 

In the spring of 2013, Premier Wynne reintroduced Bill 36 – An Act to enact the Local Food Act, 2013 (Local Food Act) to the Ontario legislature. In response, Sustain Ontario and ten other signatories representing food and farming in Ontario wrote a joint letter recommending opportunities to strengthen the Bill by extending its focus to include food literacy, food access, regional economic development, and environmentally sustainable practices. Access the PDF of the letter below.

Joint Letter to Premier Wynne on the re-introduction of the Local Food Act (March 28, 2013)

Update [2 October 2013]: Hearing Submissions from Sustain Ontario partners

The Local Food Act continues to make its way through the legislature and is now in committee after having passed a second reading in the House. Over the next few weeks, hearings will take place on proposed amendments to the Act. The committee has also voted to hold hearings within the next few weeks to allow citizens to share their ideas for making the Local Food Act stronger.

Those wishing to speak at the hearings or propose ideas for the Local Food Act are encouraged to contact the Clerk of the Committee, William Short at:

William Short
Clerk, Legislative Committee on Social Policy
Tel: 416-325-3883
Fax: 416-325-3505
99 Wellesley Street West, Room 1405, Whitney Block
Queen’s Park, Toronto, ON M7A 1A2

The list below is an on-going collection of submissions for the hearings provided by partners of Sustain Ontario. Click the links to access to PDF copies of each organization’s letter.

Golden Horseshoe Food and Farming Alliance

Canadian Environmental Law Association

Ontario Collaborative Group on Healthy Eating and Physical Activity

Green Thumbs Growing Kids

Good Food Policies by Sector

Our sector specific Good Food Policies and programs are great ideas to improve Ontario’s education system, health, and economy. You’ll also find background research, references and analysis showing why these policies are so important and an update about what government initiatives have already been undertaken.





Below are drafts of the backgrounders on which we continue to accept input. If you have feedback on these documents, please send it in an email to If you are in touch with other groups that are not members that you think would have useful input for these backgrounders, please share this page with them.

Forest and Fresh Water Foods Backgrounder

Regional Food Hubs Backgrounder

Food Literacy, Food Security, and Local Food Procurement in Schools Backgrounder

Institutional Procurement Backgrounder

Ecosystem Goods and Services Backgrounder

Land Use Planning Backgrounder



Backgrounders on regional food hubs; food literacy, student nutrition and food service in schools; institutional procurement; land use planning, and ecosystem goods and services were compiled by Sustain Ontario interns Avalon Jennings and Tegan Chislett.

See our past work on Good Food Policy and Program Ideas and Good Food Policies by Sector here. You can also see more on the different party platforms and our elections campaign at