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Assessingᅠ Urbanᅠ Impacted ᅠSoil ᅠfor ᅠUrban ᅠGardening:ᅠ Decisionᅠ Supporting ᅠToolᅠ Technical ᅠReportᅠ and ᅠRationale

Toronto Public Health; Parks, Forestry and Recreation; and the Toronto Environment Office developed this soil assessment guide. This document is a decision support tool for municipal staff in assessing the quality of soil, potentially contaminated by prior non-agricultural use, for community and allotment gardens. The guide also identifies the relevant policy contexts, and provides some suggestions for mitigating the impact of prior soil exposure on gardening activities.


Community Growing

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Josephine Archbold and Suzanne Goldacker


Toronto Public Health

Date published

May 2011