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Cultivating great food ideas

What we set out to do

Make Connections

We wanted to build a hub where sustainable food system innovators could come to learn and discuss new emerging iniatitives that are spreading across Ontario.

Transfer Knowledge

Our dream was to facilitate the accelerated implementation of polices and practices that advance local food systems, through a curated approach.

It's different because...

It’s actionable.

The library has a food systems focus that explores multiple methodologies to create a holistic understanding of Ontario’s food and farming system. With the help of contributors we’ve selected resources that are useful to our core audience.


Targeted Research

Find carefully curated documents, links, and other resources focused on common food initiatives addressing social issues.


We’re smarter as a group than any of us are as individuals. Comment, edit, and otherwise improve our resources.


Is there a gap in our collection? Fill it! Submit a comprehensively annotated resource and we’ll add it to the cannon. (Sounds like work? Good!)

Greenhouse Roadmap

  • Launching the Initiative landing pages
  • Integrating user profiles and contribution forms
  • Integrating search and filters
  • Populating the Initiatives with resources
  • Enabling google french translation
  • Hard launch of the site to be mid September 2016

Who's behind this?

Sustain Ontario

Sustain Ontario is a province-wide, cross-sectoral alliance that promotes healthy food and farming. Our mission is to provide coordinated support for productive, equitable and sustainable food and farming systems that support the health and wellbeing of all people in Ontario, through collaborative action.

Municipal Regional Food Policy Network

Sustain Ontario’s Municipal/Regional Food Policy Network brings together planners, community organizers, public health professionals, farmers and food policy advocates to share ideas and knowledge in order to influence policy at the municipal or regional level.

Our Amazing Volunteers

  • Emily McKenzie
  • Kassandra Fiore
  • Mercy Injenyo

Our Amazing Sponsor