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​Research and Policy Paper – Bring Food Home 2017 -Engaging​ ​Diverse​ ​Communities​ ​Through​ ​Community Gardening

Sustain Ontario’s Community Growing Network cooperated with student researchers Becky Ellis and Julia Laforge throughout 2017 to create policy position papers, in order to identify gaps, set direction and strength the Ontario food system.  The following policy position paper is about engaging diverse communities through community gardening. 

Overview: Despite their many benefits, community gardens have been criticized for the destructive role they can play in relation to broader structures of injustice and oppression. They can
be exclusive places, that are unwelcoming to marginalized people in communities.  This paper will explore how you can make more safe and inclusive space for everyone. 


Community Growing

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Policy Brief or Recommendations

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​Rebecca​ ​Ellis

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November 29, 2017