December 7 Knowledge Sharing Event on School Food Programs in Ontario

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Author: Carolyn Webb

Posted: December 9, 2022

Categories: Edible Education Network / Good Food Ideas for Kids / GoodFoodBites / News from Sustain Ontario / School Food News / Schools

A recording is now available of the December 7, 2022 Knowledge Sharing Event on School Food Programs in Ontario, hosted by the Ontario Chapter of the Coalition for Healthy School Food (chaired by Sustain Ontario):

The theme of this event was on how school food programs are working to rebuild their programs after having had to make significant shifts over the past few years.

The event started with Carolyn Webb of Sustain Ontario sharing an update on the development of a school food program for Canada (see slides). Presenters then shared how they are rebuilding their programs and/or exploring new pilots.

Thank you to the following presenters:

Participants then broke out into small groups to share and discuss their own experiences and hear from one another.