LFFC Foodways Workshop Series: learn hands-on food skills and traditional teachings

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Author: Sustain Ontario

Posted: September 21, 2022

Categories: Events / GoodFoodBites

Local Food and Farm Co-ops is hosting more Foodways workshops in October, led by Indigenous Relations Coordinator Arlene Meekis-Jung.

This 2-part hands-on train-the-trainer series provides traditional teachings while also walking participants through recipe development and food prep during each session.

The workshops are for anyone interested in food literacy from an Indigenous perspective.

Workshop 1: Fish and baby food (Thursday, October 13th)

  • Preparing local fish and salad dishes while discussing the importance of fishing in traditional culture
  • Preparing healthy, safe, whole food baby food, incorporating local flavours and fresh ingredients, the use of bone broths and fish broths for baby food supplement

Workshop 2: Berries and wild game (Friday, October 14th)

  • Preparing blueberry crisp, including teachings around blueberries, blueberry leather methods.
  • Preparing wild game or beef stew with complimentary vegetable-based local food side dishes

Learn more and register on the Local Food and Farm Co-ops website.