2022 Vote ON Food Campaign!

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Author: Sustain Ontario

Posted: April 26, 2022

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Sustain’s 2022 #VoteONFood Campaign is live!

Ahead of the provincial election, we invite you to visit SustainOntario.com/Vote-ON-Food/ for our 2022 Good Food and Farming Ideas, each detailed with Issues, Evidence, and Action Items:

  • Support Sustainable Farming: Enable Future Farmers and Preserve Farmland
  • Bring Healthy Food and Food Literacy into Ontario Schools
  • Support Community Growing
  • Enable all Ontarians to Access Healthy Food
  • Support Sustainable and Just Local Food Production
  • Establish a Provincial Food Policy Council

The Issues, Evidence and Action Items come from diverse regional experts working together in many areas of our food system, to identify pathways that transition toward sustainable food systems.

Candidates – please consider adopting these Good Food and Farming ideas to support your platform this election.

Voters – ask your candidates if they support these ideas, and vote for those that do!

The elections of 2022 come at a time when we, across society, are revisiting what we prioritize, challenging accepted wisdom, and questioning the way we’ve done things for generations. In the wake of a pandemic, when we are being asked to ‘build back better’, better must include systems solutions that are designed for resilience, that make our communities more flexible in a crisis, that can provide for everyone now and into the future, no matter what the future brings.

We hope you’ll share the 2022 #VoteONFood campaign with us!

Let’s build a food system that is healthy, equitable, ecological and financially viable.