New Videos in Teaching the Curriculum Through Food Series

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Author: Sustain Ontario

Posted: February 15, 2022

Categories: Good Food Ideas for Kids / School Food News / Schools

Farm to Cafeteria Canada and Growing Chefs! Ontario have released some great new videos in their Teaching the Curriculum Through Foods series.

The short videos have been developed to support and inform teachers and volunteers across Canada who are looking to bring food literacy into their classrooms and engage students through food.

The videos, presented by Growing Chefs! Ontario’s Executive Director Andrew Fleet, are intended to help teachers and volunteers feel inspired, to have more confidence, and to gain ideas to bring food literacy into the classroom and link it to the curriculum. The videos focus on hands-on activities and concepts, and are aimed towards Kindergarten–Grade 8 classrooms.

You can watch the following videos now:

  1. Introduction to teaching the curriculum through food (7 min) introduces the video series, touches on some of the connections that can be made between food literacy and the curriculum and talks about how to approach food-based activities and learning.
  2. Connecting food literacy with school curriculum (10 min) explains the concept of food literacy and touches on how and where food literacy naturally overlaps with the school curriculum.
  3. Taste like a chef (7 min) introduces various techniques and strategies to positively encourage children to try and taste new foods. The 5 videos below build on this topic.
  4. Food-themed activities without food or tasting (9 min) shares food-focused concepts and activities that can be used to teach the curriculum without bringing any food into the classroom.
  5. Sensory and tasting activities without in-class food preparation (16 min) explores activities that involve tasting where all preparation is done ahead of time. This video expands on activities that were presented in the Food-themed activities without food or tasting video.

Stay tuned on Farm to Cafeteria Canada’s website for more videos in the series!