New Local Food and Farm Co-ops Report: Barriers & Bridges in Northern Ontario

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Author: Sustain Ontario

Posted: January 27, 2022

Categories: GoodFoodBites / Research

The Local Food and Farm Co-ops (LFFC) has published a new report, Barriers & Bridges in Northern Ontario: Exploring Food Value Chain Coordination.

The report is the culmination of research done in 2021 carried out primarily by LFFC’s Northern Food Distribution Network Coordinator, Kelleigh Wright, and their Northwest Regional Coordinator, Jen Esposito Springett, to understand the complexity of issues around food in Northern Ontario and the Far North.

“In consultation with various organizations, individuals, Indigenous leadership, funders, and other stakeholders, we heard how the unique circumstances of northern communities calls for different approaches and solutions than we’ve seen before,” LFFC explains.

LFFC has also shared on their website: “A northern vision of a sustainable food system supports food and farming businesses that develop value-based food systems, where power is retained within the hands of northern Ontario peoples, diversity of culture is respected, our lands are nourished and valued, and economic and social benefits are achieved for all engaged parties.”

Access the full report and executive summary on the Local Food and Farm Co-ops website here.