EFAO’s Northern Farm Start-Up Grant Program

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Author: Sustain Ontario

Posted: January 6, 2022

Categories: GoodFoodBites / Opportunities

The Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario (EFAO) is accepting initial inquiry forms for their Northern Farm Start-Up Grant Program until January 14, 2022.

This program, supported by FedNor, will help new and beginning farmers in northern Ontario start an ecological farm business. The grants are designed to help new farmers build resilient, ecological farms by providing both mentorship and financial support.

Successful applicants will receive:

  • Funding for 50% of the cost of equipment needed to start their farm business, between $2,500 to $10,000 per farm.
    – For example, if total equipment costs are $5,000, EFAO will pay for 50% ($2,500) of those costs and the grant recipient would pay the other 50% ($2,500).
    – Applicants can apply for funding to cover multiple pieces of equipment, but the total combined cost must be between $5,000 and $20,000, which will be reimbursed at 50%.
  • Free access to mentorship opportunities with a farm advisor.

After filling out the online initial inquiry form by January 14th, applicants who align with the program priorities will receive an official grant application form to complete and submit by Friday, February 18, 2022.

Learn more on the EFAO website here.