Ontario Garlic Week 2021

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Author: Sustain Ontario

Posted: October 19, 2021

Categories: GoodFoodBites

Chefs, chocolatiers, breweries, farmers and food establishments across the province will be celebrating Ontario Garlic Week from Friday, October 29 to Sunday, November 7, 2021.

Ontario Garlic Week features food & beverage establishments across Ontario serving at least one garlic-inspired sweet or savoury food item, cocktail or beer.

To join in the celebrations, visit a participating restaurant across the province! Garlic farmers are supplying garlic by the armful, from the hot, spicy Rocambole garlic variety, to the sweet caramel flavour of Purple Stripe garlic.

Any food establishment creating a garlic dish or beverage can register to participate, as well as any person or place offering a garlic-themed talk, community activity or cooking demo.

Visit TorontoGarlicFestival.ca for more information, including participating restaurants and other events.