Migrant Farm Worker project seeking Research Assistant

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Author: Josie Di Felice

Posted: February 28, 2020

Categories: GoodFoodBites / Opportunities

A Research Project with Ella Haley, Glynis George and Eliseo Martell, who are members of the group Friends of Lynden Migrant Farm Workers, is currently seeking an Interview Coordinator and Research Assistant to join their team.

The full posting, provided by Ella Haley, is copied below:

Research Project

  • “Creating Inclusive and Welcoming Communities for Migrant Farmworkers (MFW’s)”
  • We are researching how local organizations create welcoming communities for migrant farm workers in southwestern Ontario.

Job Description
We are seeking someone to help us to coordinate our research project, which involves interviews with people in various communities in southern Ontario.


  • to complete a project timeline, identifying people responsible for implementing different task within the timeline,
  • reminding participants of activities to implement,
  • some travelling to implement some interviews with people working with MFW,
  • gathering and implementing analysis of information obtained through the interviews, some literature review and community based research
  • writing a draft version of findings, conclusions and recommendations.

There will be three other people involved in travelling and implementing interviews.

Time commitment

  • an average of 10 hours per week for the period of March – July/August this year.
  • Some travel, but most of this work can be done from home


  • $16.87, plus Vacation pay, CPP and EI, to a total of $3,168.
  • Transcription from Spanish to English (optional) $688.

Spanish is not required, but is an asset.

Please send a brief CV and cover letter to Ella Haley by March 6, 2020: ellah@athabascau.ca.