Evergreen Recruiting Volunteers for Summer Wednesdays at the Brick Works

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Author: Josie Di Felice

Posted: June 19, 2018

Categories: Events / GoodFoodBites / Volunteer. Job and Writing Opportunities

Evergreen Brick Works has launched their annual Summer Wednesdays program, and are currently recruiting volunteers for the program until June 26.

The evening events inspires visitors to eat, shop, play and get outside, with each Wednesday featuring live music at the Brick Works (550 Bayview Ave, Toronto) and a different chef to showcase local talent and locally-sourced food.

Some of the key areas volunteers will be supporting include:

  • Leads – Working closely with Evergreen staff, Summer Wednesdays Leads will provide logistical support, help with way-finding, feedback and evaluation, and fill in any gaps. Leads will also be the secondary point of contact if there are any questions or concerns, and support other volunteers.
  • Greeters/Ticket Hosts – Stationed at the Welcome Booth, volunteers in this role will engage with visitors, share the stories behind the food and program, promote that evening’s menu and featured chef, receive payment and hand out tickets, manage lineups, and answer questions.
  • Waste-Free Crew – We want Summer Wednesdays to be a waste- free program. Volunteers will help visitors sort their waste and encourage them to wash their reusable plates. They will also ensure dishes are sterilized and returned to the entrance. Organics collected each Wednesday will help support our onsite compost systems. This role is essential to ensuring this “waste-free” initiative is a success!
  • Dishwashers – As the oven prepares food throughout the evening, volunteers will help ensure that dishes are being washed to continue to prepare and serve food. Volunteers are encouraged to sign up for at least one half-shift in this role throughout the summer.

Volunteers will attend a mandatory orientation/training session on the evening of Wednesday, June 27, at Evergreen Brick Works. The program runs from July 4 – August 29.

For more information on the volunteer opportunities and how to apply, visit the Evergreen website here.