Join Land Over Landings in solidarity against the building of the Pickering Airport

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Author: Shawna Moore

Posted: November 9, 2016

Categories: Food in the News / GoodFoodBites / News from Sustain Members

land-over-landingsLand Over Landings a Sustain Ontario member has learned that the Pickering Council will debate asking the federal government to fast track the building of the Pickering Airport, which has a long history of being rejected by the city of Pickering. Land Over Landings invites you to join them in the Pickering Council Chambers at 7pm on Monday, November 14, to show your opposition to the plan.

Land Over Landings and the Pickering community have created 4 reasons why this plan must be stopped at the committee level: 

1 ) Ward 3, which encompasses the federally owned area of North Pickering known as the “airport lands,” is currently without representation following the recent death of Councillor Rick Johnson, who was a long-time opponent of the airport. To take this fast-track action now would be disrespectful to our late councillor’s wishes, and to those who elected him, knowing his position on this matter. It would also leave Ward 3 residents without local representation in any vote.

2 ) Since March 2, 1972, every Pickering Council has OPPOSED the airport. In January 2014, Council unanimously passed a motion by Councillor David Pickles, seconded by Councillor Doug Dickerson, calling on the federal government to, among other things, show a business case for use of the Federal Lands, conduct an Environmental Assessment prior to construction of an airport, and have regard for Greenbelt and Oak Ridges Moraine policies. The motion also requested an open and transparent process. We expect the same openness and transparency from our local Council now. If Council ends up passing a motion to fast-track an airport on the Lands, Pickering will be listed as a “WILLING HOST” without having sought public input.

3) The recommendation undercuts three current studies on the future of the Federal Lands: (a) Dr. Polonksy’s report on potential uses for the Lands, completed but not yet released; (b) a 2-3-year study, only recently launched by Transport Canada, of the aviation needs of Southern Ontario; and (c) a major study, about to be launched by Land Over Landings, of the potential economic benefits of permanently protecting the land for food production and agri-business. Any motion to request fast-tracking of an airport is clearly premature at this time.

4) No study in almost half a century has proven a business case for an airport.

So please come out and share you support to the Pickering Community and help to demand that this matter be — at the very least — deferred until the Ward 3 seat is filled.

For further information on the Planning and Development Committee Agenda.