Coalition Seeks Federal Leadership for Healthy School Food

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Author: Alice Schuda

Posted: March 2, 2016

Categories: Edible Education Network / GoodFoodBites / News from Sustain Members


On March 11, the 10-MP Standing Committee on Finance releases its final report and recommendations to Minister of Finance Bill Morneau. The Coalition for Healthy School Food made up of over 30 non-profit groups across Canada including Sustain Ontario Members, is looking to that report and the subsequent budget for federal leadership and funding for a national healthy school meals program.

In 1997, the Standing Committee on Finance recommended “a national school nutrition program” as part of its statements on Building a Stronger Society – Initiatives in Support of Children. That recommendation never was implemented.  The current federal government’s Real Change Platform pledged to fight child poverty, improve child health, and help families make better food choices.  The Coalition says that funding a healthy school meals program is one concrete way that the federal government can to stand and deliver on that pledge.

For more on this issue, see the Coalition’s Pre-Budget Submission to the Standing Committee available in both English and French.