Growing Good Food Ideas Spotlight: Fort Albany’s Farmers’ Market

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Author: Jenn Kucharczyk

Posted: September 16, 2013

Categories: Featured Videos / Growing Good Food Ideas / News from Sustain Members / News from Sustain Ontario

Powerline Films has been traveling across Ontario gathering stories of people and places that are transforming the future of food. Created in partnership with Sustain Ontario and more than a dozen partners, these videos shine light on good food ideas from many regions of our province.

At the beginning of each week, we put one of the videos in the spotlight so you can feast your eyes on the good food ideas developing across the province. This week’s video features Fort Albany’s Farmers’ Market. Watch the rest of the videos on

Fort Albany’s Farmers’ Market is making a difference in Northern and aboriginal communities with their exemplary initiatives to reduce barriers to healthy food access. Fort Albany Farmers’ Market arose out of the Student Nutrition Program as parents couldn’t access the same healthy and affordable food at home for their kids. Partnering with FoodShare Toronto, True North Community Co-operative and the Fort Albany Food Security Committee developed a direct shipment process to enable the set-up  of a farmers’ market in Fort Albany that would offer quality fresh food at an affordable price: after a food order is placed with FoodShare, it travels from the Ontario Food Terminal in Toronto by truck to Cochrane, is transported on a freight train to Moosonee, and is then flown to Fort Albany. Scheduling is a challenge, but there is a high demand for fresh food markets in the Fort Albany community. Fort Albany’s Farmers’ Market continues passing good food ideas onto other northern communities.