Sharing Experience – Funding from Schools?

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Author: Josie Di Felice

Posted: August 14, 2013

Categories: Conversations / Good Food Ideas for Kids

Submitted by Kelli Ebbs, Common Roots Food Collective, Muskoka:

“Our school program, called Farmers in the Playground, grows food on school grounds and teaches students to cook with all of the bounty. I have been working to secure School District / board “buy in” for the program. So far we have been funded through OTF and The District of Muskoka as well as contributed many many volunteer hours to the initiative; however, I am now working on obtaining full support (monetary and other) from the schools themselves. So far I have received some funds from the “outdoor education” bank they have.

A question I have is:

Has anyone else been able to leverage funds from the schools directly, and if so how? And for what? These particular programs are enriching their schools and programming after all!”

Please share your suggestions and ideas below or contact Kelli directly.