Sharing Experience – How to Get More Local Food into Student Nutrition Programs?

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Author: Carolyn Webb

Posted: July 5, 2013

Categories: Conversations / Good Food Ideas for Kids

Submitted by Grace Evans, Community Development Worker – Farm to Table, Tastebuds – Hamilton’s Student Nutrition Collaborative:

“I am working on developing relationships with local farmers with the goal of getting more local food into our student nutrition programs. I am interested in learning about what other groups have done to start local food programs, such as:

  • how they approach and work with farmers
  • how they communicate the value of local food to students during the brief moment that they access the nutrition program
  • and especially how they acquire and distribute local food

If you have knowledge and/or experience that you able to share I would really appreciate it! Thank you!”

Please share your suggestions and ideas below or contact Grace directly.