Growing Good Food Ideas: Haliburton County – Community Food Security

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Author: Josie Di Felice

Posted: April 24, 2013

Categories: Growing Good Food Ideas / Videos

Haliburton County – Community Food Security from Sustain Ontario on Vimeo.

Over 18 organizations have come together in Haliburton County to collaboratively tackle community food insecurity. Rosie Kadwell, Chair of FoodNet, explains how this goal is approached by focusing on household food security and increasing the value of local foods within the community. Partnerships amongst various social agencies have created projects such as community gardens and farm tours to teach young families how to instill knowledge at a young age so children grow up with the basic skills for growing and preparing their own food. In this video, we see a community of dedicated individuals and groups who recognize the importance of sharing knowledge and practices for maintaining a sustainable food system so the entire community has access to healthy food.