New Food Skills Workshop Kit from the Food Security Network

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Author: Tegan

Posted: July 11, 2012

Categories: Food in the News / Local Procurement / News from Sustain Members / Nouvelles / Working Group News

The Food Security Network (FSN-NL) has launched a new Food Skills Workshop Kit as part of the Root Cellars Rock initiative (

This is a new resource for community groups to host hands-on workshops building local food skills and preserving traditional food knowledge on 8 topics:

  • container gardening
  • composting
  • seed saving
  • edible wild plants
  • cooking with local vegetables
  • using culinary herbs
  • canning/bottling
  • storing food in root cellars

Each workshop guide includes information, resources, and activity guides covering each topic. FSN-NL would like to invite you to review the Food Skills Workshops and use them as a resource where beneficial.

The workshops are now available on the Root Cellars Rock website at or on the FSN website at