The Stop’s New Education Guide is Out

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Author: Carolyn

Posted: November 22, 2011

Categories: Edible Education Network / News from Sustain Ontario

The education team at The Stop Community Food Centre has just released a new Sustainable Food Systems Education Guide for elementary school teachers and community educators. The guide provides the background information used to design many of The Stop’s activities and workshops for children. While this 54-page guide was originally designed for Grade 5 classroom teachers in Ontario, it includes information on food systems that can be useful to most teachers at the elementary level and educators in community settings that are developing programs around food issues. It is divided into five short units, includes 25 suggested activities and four personal stories that help illustrate issues around social justice. There’s also a list of additional resources that includes books, websites, blogs and videos that have become popular in our programs.

You can view a sneak peak of the guide here, go to or contact Kamla at kamla AT