Sustainable Food Enterprise Network

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Brings together people working to strengthen each level of the value chain to bring local sustainable food products to Ontario’s tables. The network will to tackle barriers to viability and success, and explore innovative approaches, in the local food sector.

The Sustainable Food Enterprise Network cooperated with student researchers Phoebe Stephens and Amberley Ruetz throughout 2017 to create policy position papers, in order to identify gaps, set direction and strength the Ontario food system. You can view the papers and one page summaries below:

Full paper: Sustainable Institutional Food Procurement Research

One page summary from the Bring Food Home 2017 conference: Sustainable Institutional Food Procurement_ One Page Summary

Full paper: Innovative Financing for Sustainable Food Systems

One page summary from the Bring Food Home 2017 conference: Innovative Financing for Sustainable Food Systems_ one page summary