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Brief description of the organization

Savour Muskoka’s mission is to facilitate the successful development of the Muskoka region as a dynamic culinarytourism destination, by promoting all sectors of the economy with an interest in local food and drink. By offering educational and support services to its members, Savour Muskoka is sustaining over a century old tradition of travel and dining adventures in the area.

Savour Muskoka is providing consumers with a wide selection of regional culinary products, experiences and packages that are unique to Muskoka and can be marketed successfully to the visitor market. By working with Muskoka and Parry Sound region growers, processors, chefs and the retail sector, they are building a healthy, local food economy for tourists and locals year-round. Look for the Savour Muskoka logo found on locally produced and processed foods from one of Ontario’s most cherished landscapes.

What do you think are the most pressing food and agriculture issues facing Ontario?

Ministry Training Colleges and Universities apprenticeship program for farmers is needed

Promotion and facilitation of local abattoirs

Land zoned to protect farming areas beyond the greenbelt

What role do you see Sustain Ontario playing in Ontario?

Forming new policies that would address pressing food and agriculture issues  and presenting them to parliament.  Educating stakeholders in the community on the current policies that affect pressing issues.