Sustainable Restaurants

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Across Ontario, there exists a growing desire to make our restaurant industry more sustainable. Defining sustainability, however, is a difficult task. Ask a restaurant owner or a chef, a farmer or a customer what their definition of sustainable is and you may very well get four (or more!) different answers. Plug in more notions from hospitality educators, investors, manufacturers, distributors, and sometimes sustainability gets muddled in the mix. The Sustainable Restaurant Working Group has been established to bring these distinct voices together, to better define the industry’s most pressing needs in this area.

The immediate goal of the SRWG is to create programming for Sustain Ontario’s Bring Food Home conference, to be held November 17-19 in Windsor, Ontario. Going forward, the SRWG will work in an advisory role, developing programming and policy for sustainable restaurants in Ontario.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday, July 3 from 2-3:30. If you would like more information about the working group, or would like to become involved yourself, please contact Vanessa ( or Matthew (