Ontario’s Good Food Ideas

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Ontario is growing good food ideas. Across Ontario people are more and more interested in healthy, local, sustainable food. If you are one of these people, you are part of the good food movement.

READ our new Menu 2020 paper, part of the Metcalf Food Solutions series. ACT by becoming a good food citizen. EXPLORE our playful map of good food ideas.

Photo by Laura Berman – www.greenfusephotos.com


Menu 2020: Ten Good Food Ideas for Ontario is a report commissioned by the Metcalf Foundation as part of their Metcalf Food Solutions series. The report provides an integrated framework for farming and food that will contribute to health and economic viability along the food chain. Download the report from the Metcalf Foundation website.


Become a good food citizen! We’ve compiled 10 ways that you can contribute to a healthy, ecological, equitable and financially viable food system.


Explore the playful illustrative map drawn by Sustain Ontario intern Tammara Soma and developed by intern Kyle L. McGregor. It serves as a great educational tool and can spark conversation about Ontario’s good food ideas.