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This is an early draft of the Food and Nutrition Strategy. It was created by the Design Team so that you’d have something to give feedback on.


An Ontario Food and Nutrition Strategy that works across government and with partners to promote and support healthy eating and access to healthful food,** improve health and reduce health care costs, and strengthen the economy through a sustainable and environmentally sound food system

**Our definition of healthful food is not limited to the nutrients that a food contains. Our definition recognizes that healthful food comes from a food system where food is produced, processed, transported, and marketed in ways that are environmentally sound, sustainable and just[1].


The draft includes all sections except those marked with a *

Vision: where we’re going
Goals: the things we need to achieve to get to our vision
Outcomes: the things that will happen if we achieve our goals
Target Areas: the results that we need to achieve in order to generate the outcomes
Targets*: The specific, measurable results that we aim to achieve
Indicators*: The measures that we will use to track progress towards the targets
Actions and Strategies: The things that government can do to reach those targets
Policies: the specific instruments that government can use to achieve the targets
Evidence, Background and Rationale*: The knowledge, experience, and understanding that have informed our recommendations

*The targets and indicators are being worked on as the consultation is happening and so are not included
*You are invited to provide studies, reports and stories, which will contribute to the evidence, background, and rationale section


[1] Prevention Institute, Setting the Record Straight – Nutrition and Health Professionals Define Healthy Food http://www.preventioninstitute.org/component/jlibrary/article/id-58/127.html