Ontario Edible Education Network – Governance

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The Ontario Edible Education Network is governed by three leadership bodies: the Steering Committee, the Advisory, and the Network Chair.


The Advisory is made up of groups that are involved in connecting children and youth with good food and that are able to commit to helping direct the project.  The Advisory is consulted by the Steering Committee throughout the process of developing and running the Network. At a minimum, this involves quarterly consultations held through web-meetings.

The role of the Advisory is to:

  • Identify key and emerging issues and to bring them to the attention of the Network
  • Share opinions on policy development and future directions for the Network
  • Provide an early test-group to respond to positions and activities of the Network, and
  • Support the activities of the Network when possible.


Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is a group of 5-10 partners, who represent different sectors, regions, and activity areas.  This group directs the activities, development, and governance of the Network. Steering Committee members participate in monthly web-meetings and in decision-making in between meetings.

The Steering Committee makes decisions regarding:

  • Network governance and development
  • Issues of strategic importance to the sustainability of the Network
  • Applications for funding
  • Network resource use
  • Human resources

The Steering Committee uses consensus-based processes to make decisions. Should the Steering Committee reach an impasse in decision-making they involve the Advisory in the process or seek third party support to facilitate the decision-making.

The Network will aim to have a mix of representatives from the school, public health, non-profit, and private enterprise sectors on the Steering Committee.

Network Chair

Sustain Ontario, Ontario’s Alliance for Healthy Food and Farming, brings together diverse players from throughout the food system to develop and move forward good food ideas. One of its primary roles in the province is to convene and coordinate groups with common interests to enable them to scale up their work. This is the role that Sustain Ontario is playing as Chair of the Ontario Edible Education Network.