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Across Ontario groups are organizing to save small meat processing facilities. Check out links below to learn more about this issue and about how you can get involved.

The Meat Press: Sustain Ontario’s Meat Blog

Perspectives from across the province on meat processing, regulation, legislation, and more!

Bringing Local Food Home: Legal, Regulatory, and Institutional Barriers to Local Food

The Canadian Institute for Environmental Law and Policy recently published this report by Maureen Carter-Whitney reviewing the challenges that face small scale meat processors.  Since 1991, Ontario has lost 40% of its provincially inspected plants.

Help Save Our Small Abattoirs

This document put together by the National Farmers Union takes a quick look at the importance of local abattoirs, why they are being lost and what actions we can take to help save our small abattoirs.

Recommendations from a Meeting with the Minister

The Federated Women’s Institutes of Ontario has been working hard to save our small meat processors. This document describes the problem and provides recommendations on appropriate regulations and enforcements for small abattoirs and processors.

Supply Management and Local Food

Ontario milk, eggs, and poultry are easy to find in the grocery store.  Harder to find are local beef, lamb, and pork – or even strawberries in peak season! Why is this?  Ann Slater of the National Farmers Union takes a look at how supply management benefits Ontario farmers and helps to get more local food on the table.

Where Does Your Meat Come From?

This presentation by the Ontario Federation of Agriculture was recently shared at the Waterloo Region Food System Round Table. This presentation talks about why we need local abattoirs and freestanding meat plants. Perspectives are given from local food, community economic development, food safety, and animal welfare perspectives.

State of the Meat Processing Industry Survey

The Ontario Federation of Agriculture also conducted a survey of licensed abattoirs and freestanding meat processors. The survey, which was filled out by 135 licensed abattoirs and freestanding meat processors in Ontario touches on issues of ownership, financial Investment, regulation compliance, value of their operations, and the Ontario Independent Meat Processors membership.

Provincial Regulation Forces Bakery Layoffs

This newspaper article tells the story of a Georgetown Bakery that has faced problems because of meat processing regulations. A number of employees have been laid off from because of a provincial regulation that puts the bakery in the same category as a free standing meet plant. This regulation requires them to do extensive costly renovations or stop wholesaling their meat pies.

Good news…..

Poultry abattoir could come to region

This article talks about how a feasibility study, conducted by the National Farmers Union and funded by Frontenac Country, is working to help prospective or existing abattoirs owners in assessing the market for the services of a poultry abattoir.

The National Farmers Union wants you to Stand Up! for abattoirs

The NFU is firm on their stance that the survival of small, provincially-inspected abattoirs is crucial to strong, regional food systems.  Read here to find out what action you can take in order to keep local meat processing alive.

To get involved in Sustain Ontario’s efforts please leave a comment below or contact Ravenna.

Resources from Elsewhere


Click here to access a set of webinar recordings on mobile abbatoirs in the US from 2008 to 2010.