Southwestern Food Policy Groups

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Chatham-Kent Food Policy Council

CKFPCThe mission of the Chatham-Kent Food Policy Council is to encourage and facilitate dialogue and collaboration among food related organizations, agencies, services, food producers and distributors, consumers, business and government to develop strategies for the promotion and facilitation of the vision and bring it to action.

Top Priorities: food access, policy research, food strategy

Top Accomplishments: Completion of a Community Food System Assessment, Creation of a “Grown in CK” local food branding program, Completion of multiple research projects including – Feasibility Study for a Community Food Centre in CK, literature review on edible landscaping and gleaning, feasibility of a kitchen incubator program in CK

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Name: Lyndsay Davidson
Position: Public Health Dietician, Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit
Phone: 519-352-7270 ext 2478

Established: 2013
Level of Jurisdiction: Municipal
Region(s) Represented: Chatham-Kent
Website: Let’s Talk Food

Let’s Talk Food – Community Food Assessment Survey (Mar. 2012) [/dropdown_box]

Waterloo Region Food System Roundtable

WRfoodsystemThe Roundtable is a networking and policy-making group working on building a strong voice for a healthy food system in Waterloo Region. We are a group of representatives from key sectors and interests of the local food system who share the goal of a healthier food system in Waterloo Region. Our Board representatives include local farmers; emergency food providers; food processing, distributing, and retail businesspeople; health professionals; and more.

Top Priorities: urban agriculture, food access, networking

Top Accomplishments: food policies inserted into Regional Official Plan, Food Charter adopted by Regional Council, municipal by-laws re: community gardens and temporary farmers’ markets improved

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Main Contact: Marc Xuereb
Position: staff support
Phone: 519-575-4400 x.5872

Established: 2007
Level of Jurisdiction: Regional
Region(s) Represented: Regional Municipality of Waterloo
Website: WR Food System
Facebook: WR Food System
Twitter: @wrfoodsystem

Guelph-Wellington Food Round Table




Beginning in 2009 as a working group and coordinating committee, the Guelph-Wellington Food Round Table (GWFRT) has expanded into a network of committed stakeholders, community partners, and volunteers working to create a thriving regional food system. The GWFRT was structured using four focused working groups: Food Access, Food Charter, Food Distribution, and Community Gardens. Accomplishments include the Guelph-Wellington Food Charter in late 2011, the GWFRT Food Charter Toolkit (2013) for engaging and educating community stakeholders. The Food Charter group has been replaced by the Food Policy working group, which is currently bringing together food leaders, aspiring leaders and concerned community members to develop a regional food strategy.

Top Priorities: networking, policy research, food strategy

Top Accomplishments: Food Charter and Charter Toolkit;
Input on urban agriculture policies written into the City of Guelph’s official plan;
started food strategy process with broad community and political support

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Main Contact:Ashley McInnes

Established: 2009
Level of Jurisdiction:  Municipal
Region(s) Represented: Guelph, Wellington
Website: Guelph Wellington FRT
Facebook: Guelph Wellington 

Guelph-Wellington Food Charter (2011)
Your Guelph-Wellington Food Charter Toolkit (2013)
Emergency Food Services in Guelph and Wellington Report (Nov. 2011)
Integrating a Sustainable Food Systems Framework into Guelph’s Official Plan (Nov. 2011) [/dropdown_box]

Brant Food System Coalition

The Brant Food System Coalition is supported by the Public Health, Planning, and Social Services departments of the government. They completed a Community Food Assessment in 2010 which led to the development of the Brantford/County of Brant Community Food Continuum as a long term action plan.   Current efforts involve getting municipal/regional endorsement and initiating local programming.   [dropdown_box expand_text=”” show_more=”More” show_less=”Less” start=”hide”]

Name: Melissa Atkinson
Position: Health Promoter, Grand River Community Health Centre; Chair, Brant Food System Coalition
Phone: 519 754 0777 ext. 235

Established: 2011
Level of Jurisdiction: County
Region(s) Represented: Brantford and Brant County

Community Food Assessment: Yes

Food Charter: No

Becoming a Food Secure Community – Brant Food Systems Coalition (2013) [/dropdown_box]

Food Matters Windsor Essex County

foodmattersFood Matters Windsor Essex County is a group of businesses, individuals and organizations who support a thriving and sustainable food system. We represent growers, processors, distributors, sellers, eaters and food waste managers. Food Matters will help identify emerging food issues that impact our community, and promote real local solutions through action, policy and advocacy.

Top Priorities: food charter, community food assessment, food strategy

Top Accomplishments: Food Matters Windsor Essex has developed a Food Charter for our region. We have launched the charter to the community at a food truck rally, and to businesses at an event called “Sliced”, featuring a cooking competition. We have been to all municipal councils to initially discuss the Food Charter and ask for approval in principal, and will be taking the document back to these Councils for endorsement.

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Established: 2011
Level of Jurisdiction: Regional
Region(s) Represented: Windsor and Essex County
Website: Food Matters
Facebook: Food Matters

Grey Bruce Food Security Action Group (Grey Bruce Poverty Task Force)

As a subcommittee under the Grey Bruce Public Health Unit Poverty Task Force, the Grey Bruce Food Security Action Group is working to create more meaningful community food policy for the residents in Grey County, Bruce County, Cape Croker, and Saugeen.  Having recently launched the Grey Bruce Food Charter in 2014, the Action Group is now working on several collaborative policy initiatives.

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Name: Laura Needham
Position: Public Health Dietitian, Grey Bruce Health Unit

Established: 2013

Level of Jurisdiction: Health District, Regional
Region(s) Represented: Grey County, Bruce County, Cape Croker, and Saugeen
Website: Grey Bruce Health Unit: Nutrition
Community Food Assessment: No
Food Charter: Yes


Middlesex-London Community Food Assessment Implementation Team

The purpose of the Middlesex-London Community Food Assessment Implementation Team is to support the completion of a community food assessment (CFA) in London and Middlesex County and the future formation of a local Food Policy Council.

The purpose of the CFA is to develop a comprehensive understanding of the London and Middlesex County food system and inform recommendations and strategies for local action to help support the development of a sustainable local food system.

London’s Food Charter, unanimously endorsed in principle by London City Council in 2011 has helped to inform the CFA and future local direction.

Top Priorities: networking, community food assessment

Top Accomplishments: The group has drafted a potential structure for a future local Food Policy Council as informed by best practices, community need and two forums with local stakeholders. The group is currently working with a consultant team to conduct the community food assessment and determine priorities for future action.

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Main Contact: Kim Leacy
Position: Co-Chair

Established: 2013
Level of Jurisdiction: Health Unit District
Region(s) Represented: London, Middlesex County

London Food Charter (2011)[/dropdown_box]

Food Secure Oxford

FSO logo

Committed group of volunteers who come from different agencies, interests, and towns, including individuals with lived experiences looking at ways to improve food security for vulnerable populations and the whole Oxford community.

Top Priorities: food literacy, food access, food strategy

Top Accomplishments: We are currently breaking down silos between agencies and organizations to put together a food hub based on the Community Food Centre model.

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Name: John Magill Preston
Position: Chair
Phone: 226-236-3908

Established: 2012
Level of Jurisdiction: County
Region(s) Represented: Oxford County
Website: Food Secure Oxford 

The Cost of Healthy Eating in Oxford County [/dropdown_box]

City of Hamilton Community Food Security Stakeholder Committee

This advisory committee, under the Hamilton Board of Health, is working to promote food security for the City of Hamilton.  Published resources include several papers on policy research, mapping examples, presentations, and most recently the City of Hamilton Food Charter.  They are supported by several government departments, including Economic Development, Public Health, Tourism, Planning, and Community Services.[dropdown_box expand_text=”” show_more=”More” show_less=”Less” start=”hide”]

Hamilton community FSSC





Name: Dave Carson

Established: 2007
Level of Jurisdiction: Municipal
Region(s) Represented: Hamilton
Website: City of Hamilton – Community Food Security Stakeholder Advisory CommitteeHamilton Food Charter

Community Food Assessment: No
Food Charter: Yes

Food For All: A Food Charter for Hamilton (June 2013)
Overview – Community Food Security Stakeholder Advisory Committee (May 2011)
Terms of Reference – Community Food Stakeholder Advisory Committee (February 2011)[/dropdown_box]

Healthy Eating Workgroup (Niagara)

With the help of Niagara Connects, Healthy Living Niagara prepared a report, “Niagara Food Systems: Who is Doing What in Niagara and Beyond” that outlines many factors to further a local food systems process.

Top Priorities: report exploring Niagara’s food system

Top Accomplishments: Explore Niagara’s food system, food strategy, Networking

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Main Contact: Mary Wiley

Established: 2011
Level of Jurisdiction: Regional
Region(s) Represented: Niagara
Website: Healthy Living Niagara