Eastern Food Policy Groups

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Foodcore Leeds Grenville Lanark (foodcoreLGL) Food Charter Partnership

Leeds, Grenville and Lanark FoodcorefoodcoreLGL is a partnership of people and organizations from the food, farming and community sectors in the United Counties of Leeds, Grenville and Lanark. The group includes growers, producers, and local governments, as well as those working in poverty reduction, health, and emergency food supply (e.g., food banks). foodcoreLGL uses the Food Charter for United Counties of Leeds and Grenville and Lanark County as a guide for action on behalf of individuals, communities, and those involved in food and farming.

Top Priorities: local food processing, food access, food charter

Top Accomplishments: Release of Food Charter (March 2014), Strategic Planning (March 2015), Currently developing food inventory of Leeds, Grenville and Lanark

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Name:  Bill Dobson
Position:  Chair
Email: bdobson@ripnet.com

Established: 2013
Level of Jurisdiction: County, Multi-regional
Region(s) Represented: Leeds County, Grenville County, and Lanark County
Website: foodcoreLGL

Food Charter for United Counties of Leeds and Grenville and Lanark County[/dropdown_box]

All Things Food | Bouffe 360


All Things Food/Bouffe 360° is a Community Food Network composed of individuals and organizations in Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry (SD&G). Our mission: To increase access to local, healthy and sustainable food for all residents of SD&G. Our vision: Healthy and sustainable communities that are food secure.

Empowering community members and institutions to grow their own food. Supporting local food producers by fostering food connections between local food producers and individuals, institutions and community programs. Food skill development (e.g. providing resources on how to prepare, grown and support local, healthy foods). Creating and maintaining partnerships with community organizations which allow both partners to excel.

Top Priorities: food literacy, food access, food strategy

Top Accomplishments: SDG Community Food Assessment 2015, 10 Active Green Food Box Programs spanning over 7 years of work, Community Gardens and organized workshops at 3 social housing units, 11 primary and elementary schools, 2 after school programs, 2 food banks, 1 hospital, and 5 community centres across SDG.

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Main Contact:  Kat Rendek
Position: Network Coordinator/Coordonnatrice
Phone: (613) 935-4017
Email: info@allthingsfoodbouffe360.ca

Established: 2008
Level of Jurisdiction: municipal, county, health unit district,
Region(s) Represented: Cornwall, Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry
Website: All Things Food | Bouffe 360
Facebook: All Things Food 


Ottawa Food Policy Council

OFPC-2The Ottawa Food Policy Council (OFPC) was established as a result of the Food For All Project: a collaborative, community-based food research and action project between 2009-2012, coordinated by Just Food and the University of Ottawa. It is comprised of individuals representing all aspects of the food system to enable a broader and more coherent discussion and elaboration of policies related to food. Its mission is to work towards a food system in Ottawa that emphasizes social and economic viability, and environmental sustainability through the entire food cycle and in which food is celebrated and enjoyed. The OFPC recommends food policies to various constituencies (including municipal, provincial, federal, business, public sector, community and households) and works to enable their implementation. It is a volunteer organization that operates under a working group structure to enable wider participation across our communities.

Top Priorities: student nutrition programs, food access, breastfeeding

Top Accomplishments: (1) solicited and posted feedback on food issues from municipal election candidates on behalf of a number of Ottawa-based groups, (2) held a successful Healthy Food in Schools event focussing on the implementation of PPM 150, (3) initiated an ongoing conversation around developing the infrastructure for providing healthy food in a health care setting in the early stages of the planning of a new major health care facility

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Main Contact: Erin O’Manique
Position:  OFPC Secretariat
Email: info@ofpc-cpao.ca


Established: 2012
Level of Jurisdiction: Municipal
Region(s) Represented: City of Ottawa
Website: Ottawa Food Policy Council
Facebook: Ottawa Food Policy Council

Ottawa Food Action Plan
(2012) in support of the Ottawa Food Policy Council

City of Kawartha Lakes Agricultural Development Advisory Board 
Kawartha Lakes Food Charter Working Group




With government and community support from the Victoria Stewardship Council, Public Health, Economic Development, Lindsay Farmers’ Market, and local farmers and residents, the Kawartha Lakes Food Charter Working Group was founded in 2001.  Using collaborative community efforts in 2010, the working group developed and published the Kawartha Lakes Food Charter in 2011.  Other accomplishments include the City of Kawartha Lakes Agricultural Action Plan (2011), the Greater Peterborough Area & Kawartha Lakes Agricultural Economic Impact & Development Study (2006), and a Local Food Business Retention and Expansion Survey (2013).

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Name: Kelly Maloney
Position: Agriculture Development Officer, City of Kawartha Lakes
Email: kmaloney@city.kawarthalakes.on.ca
Phone: 705 324 9411 ext. 1208

Established: 2001
Level of Jurisdiction: County, Municipal (Single Tier)
Region(s) Represented: City of Kawartha Lakes
Website: Advantage Kawartha LakesKawartha Choice

Community Food Assessment: Yes
Food Charter: Yes

Kawartha Lakes Food Charter (2011)
Kawartha Lakes Agricultural Action Plan (Aug. 2010)
Greater Peterborough Area & Kawartha Lakes Agricultural Economic Impact & Development Study (2006)[/dropdown_box]

Food Policy Council for Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox & Addington 

The Food Policy Council of KFL&A is working to create create a more secure, accessible and sustainable food system in our region.
We are representatives from various food-related organizations, agencies, and interests from across KFL&A who are volunteering our time to implement the KFL&A Food Charter.

Top Priorities: community food assessment, policy research

Top Accomplishments: Endorsement of the Food Charter by the City of Kingston & County of Frontenac, Keeping food & farming vibrant in the municipal elections across the region

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Name: Mara Shaw
Position: Co-Chair
Email: executivedirector@lovingspoonful.org
Phone: 613-507-8848

Established: 2013
Level of Jurisdiction: Regional
Region(s) Represented: City of Kingston, County of Frontenac, County of Lennox & Addington
Website: Food Policy Council of KFL&A

Community Food Assessment: No
Food Charter: Yes

 An Assessment of Canadian Food Charters: Highlights and Recommendations for the KFL&A Healthy Eating Working Group, 2011 

  The Food Policy Council framework: An initial Framework for KFL&A Food Policy Council, 2013 

Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox, Addington Food Charter (2012)


Peterborough Community Food Network

Within the government, the Peterborough Community Food Network is supported by the Public Health department.   They have performed a Community Food Assessment and are aiming to create a community food hub in the near future.[dropdown_box expand_text=”” show_more=”More” show_less=”Less” start=”hide”]
Name: Carolyn Doris
Position: Public Health Nutritionist
Email: cdoris@pcchu.ca
Phone: 705-743-1000 ext. 251

Established: 2009
Level of Jurisdiction: County
Region(s) Represented: Peterborough County
Website: Food in Peterborough: Peterborough County-City Health Unit

Community Food Assessment: Yes
Food Charter: No

The Future of Peterborough Food & Farming (Oct. 2011)
Community Food System Plan (Aug. 2011)[/dropdown_box]

Sustainable Peterborough Working Group on Food and Farming

SP logo

The Working Group brings together Peterborough food and farming initiatives under one umbrella, ensuring that both food and farming are represented and enabling the group to engage with policy across the entire food system.

The Greater Peterborough Area Sustainability Plan was the result of a broad public consultation process in 2010/2011. During this process, food and agriculture emerged strongly as an area of emphasis.  The goals, strategies and priorities identified by the community can be found here. These now guide the initiatives of the SP Working Group , which formed in early 2013.  Current efforts include an Economic Impact Analysis of the Peterborough Area Local Food Sector and strengthening the Community Gardens Network.

Top Priorities: farmland preservation, urban agriculture

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Name: Pat Learmonth
Main Contact: Co-Chair
Email: farmsatwork@gmail.com
Phone: 705-743-7671

Name: Dawn
Main Contact : Co-Chair
Email: dawnbm@merriam-associates.com
Phone: 705 743 8050

Established: 2013
Level of Jurisdiction: City/County
Region(s) Represented: Peterborough City/County
Website: Sustainable Peterborough 
Facebook: Sustainable Peterborough
Twitter: @sustainableptbo

Working Group: Agriculture and Local Food

Working Group: Future of Food and Farming [/dropdown_box]

Northumberland County Food Policy Committee

The purpose of the Northumberland County Food Policy Committee is to bring individuals, agencies, and local government together to examine the operation of the local food system, stimulate and lead a dialogue on food, promote projects in the community, and provide policy ideas and recommendations that enhance a sustainable food system.

Top Priorities: local food procurement, local food processing, food access

Top Accomplishments: 1)Endorsement of the Northumberland County Food Charter by all seven Northumberland County Municipalities.
2)Creation of the Northumberland County Food Charter video (Powerline Films and Sustain Ontario).
3) Creation of 6 mini videos to illustrate each pillar of our Food Charter: Health; Environmental Integrity; Advocacy & Education; Local Economic Development; The Celebration of Culture & Community; and Healthy & Happy People Making

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Name: Kimberly Leadbeater
Position: Public Health Dietitian
Email: kleadbeater@hkpr.on.ca
Phone: (613) 475-1434 ext 4235

Established: 2013
Level of Jurisdiction: County
Region(s) Represented: Northumberland County