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Students enrolled in Sheridan College’s Bachelor of Applied Illustration degree, working in partnership with Sustain Ontario were given a final assignment to create infographics and short animated films that explore the current generation’s “food crisis.” The works of these talented students were completed in four weeks and help elucidate the complex food issues that impact young people’s lives.

By Hannah Wilson
A spoof on growing your own meat as a comment on conventional meat production.

By Corey Way
A look at international genetically modified crop production.

By Tsui
A look at how much food is wasted in Ontario and why.

An overview of foraging for edible mushrooms.

By Sean
A look at some of the healthiest foods for your body.

By Alex Rodway
Debunking health claims made by vitamin water advertisements.

By Alex Rodway
Debunking health claims made by vitamin water advertisements.

By Rachael Narimalla
The problems with breakfast food for children.

By Jackie Musial
A proposal for better food in schools.

By Jackie Musial
A proposal for better food in schools.

By Erin McPhee
A description of the problems with genetically modified organisms.

By Bushra Mahmood
A history and health analysis of energy drinks.

By Malcolm Loo
An overview of the sugar content in popular children's cereal and cereal companies' advertising practices.

By Rachelle LaRocque
A map of food deserts in Toronto comparing the number of grocery stores to the number of fast food chains.

By Nathan Langdon
A description of the environmental impacts of meat production.

By Celia Krampien
All about the apple and apple growing in Ontario.

By NaYoun Kim
A look at food preservation through the creation of two kinds of fermented cabbage: kim-chi and sauerkraut.

By Joanna Sevilla
A summary of the problems surrounding children and processed foods and the importance of food literacy for kids.

By Kim Jihyun
A visual description of problems with the North American diet.

By Rachel Idzerda
A comparison between the effects of local, sustainable food shopping and conventional food shopping.

By Kim Hyunjin
A description of the importance of having family meals.

By Taj Hunaid
An infographic based on the Metcalf Foundation paper Menu 2020.

By Steven Hughes
A breakdown of the carbon footprint of a cheeseburger.

By Lorraine Hodgins
Excess salt and sugar in foods and its effects on your body.

By Caitlin Haff
A breakdown of the greenhouse gas emissions in food production.

By Victoria Gibson
An infographic on bees, their importance and bee activity in Toronto.

By Amanda Gibson
A list of deceptive tricks on labels that make food more appealing to consumers.

By Jennifer Ellis
A visual representation of a survey conducted to determine the eating habits of Sheridan College students.

By Alan Dungo
A breakdown and comparison of a burger made from organic food and one made from processed food.

By Liu Chang
A guide to processed foods and their health effects.

By Andrea Chan
A visual overview of the food and health crises in Ontario.

By Elizabeth Gibson
The School Lunch in Canada.

By Sabrina Smelko
The Kings of Fast Food.

By Anielle Storey
Diet & Disease.