Share your thoughts: Seed Regulatory Modernization Winter 2024

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Author: Sustain Ontario

Posted: April 23, 2024

Categories: GoodFoodBites

Calling all farmers and people who work with seed and grain – there is one week left to provide feedback on the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) Winter 2024 Seed Regulatory Modernization Consultation.

From the CFIA:

“The purpose of this consultation is to update stakeholders on progress made towards modernization of the Seeds Regulations since the 2023 winter consultation and update, and consider your feedback to inform decision-making. This consultation is the second of two informal consultations planned for seed regulatory modernization (SEED-RM) related to seed crops only, and therefore does not include updates or questions specific to seed potatoes or Part II of the Seeds Regulations.”

To learn about what’s at stake here, read this blog post from the National Farmers Union (NFU). The NFU has prepared a Farmers Guide to help you answer the questions in support of farmers’ interests.

The deadline for the survey is May 1, 2024.