New Research from PROOF and FoodShare on Food Insecurity and Anti-Black Racism

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Author: Sustain Ontario

Posted: October 29, 2021

Categories: GoodFoodBites / News from Sustain Members / Research

PROOF and FoodShare have just published the first focused study on the racial disparities in food insecurity in Canada.

The study goes beyond reporting the prevalence of food insecurity among Black households by analyzing how race relates to factors that lead to food insecurity. It also highlights the need of race-based health data and race-based lens for examining health inequity.

“We’ve known for a while that Black households in Canada are more likely to experience inadequate or insecure access to food due to financial constraints, but little has been done to better understand this disparity,” explains Tim Li, PROOF Research Program Coordinator, in this article.

The study published in the Canadian Journal of Public Health, Black–white racial disparities in household food insecurity from 2005 to 2014, Canada, shares as its conclusion: “Being racialized as Black appears to be an overriding factor shaping vulnerability to food insecurity for the Black population in Canada. Future research and public policy on food insecurity should seriously consider the role of racism at the systemic and institutional levels.”

PROOF also recently hosted a podcast to explore these findings, featuring interviews with Paul Taylor of FoodShare, Melana Roberts of Food Secure Canada, and food insecurity researchers from PROOF.

We encourage you to listen to the podcast here.