COVID-19 Updates: Recommendations for Ontario Community Gardens

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Posted: April 15, 2020

Categories: News from Sustain Ontario

The Community Growing Network of Sustain Ontario sent a letter including new proposed safety protocols—developed through consultations that have taken place over the last two weeks—to the Chief Medical Officer of Health, Premier, and all Members of Provincial Parliament on April 14, 2020.

Read the full letter here.


COVID-19 Recommendations for Community Gardens


Community garden organizers recognize the grave, unprecedented challenge that the COVID-19 virus presents. Extreme containment measures are needed to stop the spread of the virus and protect many lives.  Within this, food production is an essential service for all, including many low-income people and people from equity-seeking groups.  Community gardens must continue to grow produce to supplement household food security, in particular for those who struggle to access food, including fresh food.

This document was developed in consultation with community garden coordinators across North America and with information from local and national public health authorities. It outlines proposed standards to be followed, as well as suggestions on how to implement them, recognizing that due to the diversity of existing gardens (such as size, governance, location, equipment needs and language) some of these suggestions will be modified to work in each garden, while meeting the overall required standard for health and safety.

Read the Proposed Regulations for Community Gardens here