New Toolkit: Initiating Sustainable Food Procurement Policies in Your Region

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Author: Shannon Coulter-Low

Posted: December 2, 2015

Categories: GoodFoodBites / Local Procurement / Municipal Regional Food Policy Network / News from Sustain Ontario

Procurement Policies and Trade Agreements that influence Local Sustainable Food Procurement in the BPS.

Procurement Policies and Trade Agreements that influence Local Sustainable Food Procurement in the BPS.

Sustain Ontario is proud to announce that our newly developed toolkit on local sustainable food procurement is now available online. The toolkit, Local Sustainable Food Procurement in Municipalities and the Broader Public Sector, is geared towards Ontario municipalities and broader public sector institutions looking to initiate sustainable procurement policies and programs in their regions. By providing examples of policy language and analyzing perceived barriers to local sustainable food procurement (specifically policy and trade agreements), this toolkit equips good food advocates, industry stakeholders, and civil servants with facts and case studies to demonstrate the potential for effective, compliant procurement practices that invest in local sustainable food.

LSFP-Tookit-economic-rationale-(no-background)Download the Toolkit

File Details: PDF, 34 pages, 646 KB

In addition, we have compiled an accompanying workbook to provide useful documents to support action-planning! This compilation of language tools, worksheets and examples of documents from across North America have been selected to guide in the planning, implementation and evaluation stages of your local sustainable food procurement projects.


LSFP-Tookit-environmental-rationale-(no-background)Download the Workbook

File Details: PDF, 52 pages, 7.36 MB

OTFHORIZcolourThe Local Sustainable Food Procurement Toolkit is the first of three tools designed to support the accelerated implementation of initiatives and policies necessary to advance local food systems. These tools, part of a 2-year project generously funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, focus on priority topics raised by regional and municipal food groups involved in Sustain Ontario’s Municipal Regional Food Policy Network. This project also includes an online, searchable resource-sharing platform, coming in 2016, to document and further develop knowledge-sharing and networking-building related to local food public policy and practice.

Developing these guides would not have been possible without the expertise and insights contributed by many leaders in Canadian food systems development, raising the bar by championing transformative policies and initiatives. Full lists of contributors and references are included in the toolkit and workbook.

Grow The Conversation

As mentioned above, this tool is the first of a series.  We want to hear your feedback on your impression of this tool, from the research and rationale to the tone and design. Tell us how you (plan to) use it and what you would like to see in our upcoming work. We kindly request that you share your feedback in this short online feedback form.