New Report on Attracting Youth to Careers in Food and Agriculture

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Author: Anelyse Weiler

Posted: November 19, 2014

Categories: Food in the News / Food Processing / GoodFoodBites

With a view to attracting young people to careers in “the fastest growing multi-million dollar sector of the province’s economy,'” the Ontario Agricultural College of the University of Guelph along with Food and Beverage Ontario (FBO) have jointly launched a new report: Planning for Ontario’s Future Agri-Food Workforce:  A Report on Agriculture and Food and Beverage Processing Training in Ontario Colleges and Universities

The report is intended to undergird an action plan supported by food and beverage processing businesses, educational institutions and government leaders. It found that 59% of employers surveyed for the Food Processing Human Resource Council’s 2011 Labour Market Information had difficulty locating job candidates with appropriate training. Accordingly, the report recommends:

  • Promoting the agriculture and food industry;
  • Increasing capacity and enrolment in post-secondary programs and;
  • Developing and implementing new food post-secondary programs.

To find out more, see the press release on the report and check out the full report at this link.

REPORT: Planning for Ontario’s Future Agri-Food Workforce November 2014 from Sandra Dales