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Author: Josie Di Felice

Posted: September 11, 2013

Categories: Conversations / Good Food Ideas for Kids

Can you help us collect and share information, stories, and statistics that demonstrate the impacts of all of our collective efforts?

We’re all involved in connecting children and youth to healthy food and healthy food systems…  And to find funding, volunteers, and other resources we’re all asked to show how our work makes a difference.

Earlier this year, the Institute for Community Engaged Scholarship / Research Shop at the University of Guelph produced the “Say Yes! to Good Food Education” Resource Guide, in partnership with the Edible Education Network.  Now, we’re working with the Research Shop again – this time to explore how we can show the impacts of our collective efforts.

Please share below in the comments or by contacting Carolyn directly:

  • Any existing collection of data or stories that you like to use to show how your work makes a difference (e.g. public health data / trends; fact sheets about the achievements of this sector; economic data; personal stories).
  • What kind of information / resources you would like to see us point to or prepare.


This effort is just getting off the ground and so we’re looking for ideas.  In the end we may simply point to existing studies or documents, or we may compile information into fact sheets and presentations that you could use in your communications work.  We’ll keep you informed as this project evolves.  Thanks!