Growing Good Food Ideas Spotlight: Toronto’s Mobile Good Food Market

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Author: Jenn Kucharczyk

Posted: August 26, 2013

Categories: Featured Videos / Growing Good Food Ideas / News from Sustain Members / News from Sustain Ontario

Toronto’s Mobile Good Food Market from Sustain Ontario on Vimeo.

Powerline Films has been traveling across Ontario gathering stories of people and places that are transforming the future of food. Created in partnership with Sustain Ontario and more than a dozen partners, these videos shine light on good food ideas from many regions of our province.

At the beginning of each week, we put one of the videos in the spotlight so you can feast your eyes on the good food ideas developing across the province. This week’s video features Toronto’s Mobile Good Food Market. Watch the rest of the videos on

Even in a city as dynamic as Toronto, there remain neighbourhoods where residents are unable to access the foods essential to a healthy diet. This happens for a variety of reasons, including low-income, lack of access to public transit, and long distances to groceries and markets. Such conditions make it extremely difficult for individuals and families without access to a vehicle to find and purchase healthy foods. Senior citizens who might be less mobile are hit especially hard by this type of isolation.

The Mobile Good Food Market is a project created through a partnership between the City of Toronto, Food Share, the United Way, and the CAMH/University of Toronto Food Initiative. It’s mission is simply to bring fresh affordable food to low-income neighbourhoods throughout the city. This video introduces the committed community support workers behind this project whose work is helping to create a more dynamic food system that meets the health and nutritional needs of Toronto’s diverse population, creating a healthier and happier Toronto as a result.