Growing Good Food Ideas: Toronto’s Mobile Good Food Market

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Author: Ravi Singh

Posted: April 24, 2013

Categories: Growing Good Food Ideas / Videos

Toronto’s Mobile Good Food Market from Sustain Ontario on Vimeo.

Even in a city as dynamic as Toronto, there remain neighbourhoods where residents are unable to access the foods essential to a healthy diet. This happens for a variety of reasons, including low-income, lack of access to public transit, and long distances to groceries and markets. Such conditions make it extremely difficult for individuals and families without access to a vehicle to find and purchase healthy foods. Senior citizens who might be less mobile are hit especially hard by this type of isolation.

The Mobile Good Food Market is a project created through a partnership between the City of Toronto, Food Share, the United Way, and the CAMH/University of Toronto Food Initiative. It’s mission is simply to bring fresh affordable food to low-income neighbourhoods throughout the city. This video introduces the committed community support workers behind this project whose work is helping to create a more dynamic food system that meets the health and nutritional needs of Toronto’s diverse population, creating a healthier and happier Toronto as a result.