The Western Fair Farmers and Artisanal Market – Revitalizing London’s Old East Village

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Author: Stephanie

Posted: April 5, 2012

Categories: Growing Good Food Ideas / Videos


As recently as 2005, the downtown area of London, Ontario, along with the neighbouring Old East Village, were considered food deserts, areas where healthy foods were either too expensive or simply not available. Fast forward only a few years later and local, top quality produce, meats, and baked goods are not only available but also affordable.

Every Saturday, as many as 2,500 people move through the Western Fair Farmers and Artisanal Market, choosing from mouth-watering delights as diverse as the vendors we meet in this video. The surge of the market has not only remedied the food gap within the community, but with locals now constantly moving through the area, businesses have been encouraged to invest in the surrounding community.

  • Renee

    not a true farmers market to my mind, all the same stuff can be found at the food terminals and grocery stores!
    Lots of imported food here and lots of vendors who are not farmers!

  • David

    Yes but the challenge is Renee is this IS the community’s grocery store. So do they not deserve bananas and such? What would thye eat in the winter potatoes, apples and beets?

  • Carolyn

    An interesting question that gets to the crux of the food system breakdown. Farmers not making enough money to grow good food and communities not having enough money to access good food. Hamilton’s downtown market has faced similar questions. These are the tensions we must struggle with.