Chicken-Keeper Challenges Charter

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Author: Carolyn

Posted: February 3, 2012

Categories: Food in the News / Food in the News / News from Sustain Ontario / Nouvelles / Ontario Food Policy

Toronto Chickens Supports Charter Challenge in Upcoming Court Case

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  The working group of backyard chicken owners in Toronto, Toronto Chickens, fully endorses the upcoming Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms challenge that has been undertaken by Calgarian Paul Hughes.

Mr. Hughes’ court case is set for March 5, 2012. He is challenging his city’s bylaws that disallow the possession of urban chickens in Calgary. As a group that is working to change Toronto’s bylaw so that urban hens will be allowed again in the city, Toronto Chickens will monitor the course of this upcoming trial very closely.

 We call upon Toronto city councilors and city bylaw officers to suspend enforcement of the chicken bylaw until the results of this case are determined. Even though the court case is taking place in Calgary, because it challenges the federal Charter of Human Rights, it will impact all Canadians and override any municipal rulings.  

If you are interested in supporting Toronto Chickens or other backyard chicken legalization struggles, please write to Toronto Chickens at