Members in the News: Costs built into local food

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Author: Lauren Baker

Posted: May 4, 2009

Categories: News from Sustain Members / News from Sustain Ontario

The Grey-Bruce Local Food Project suggests that even though local food costs more, the higher price reflects the TRUE COST of food. The article outlines some interesting ideas about how the government could support small and medium farmers to supply this food.

The price of cabbage or garlic from China doesn’t include environmental costs of pesticide use, or any related health system costs, or the costs of soil erosion and degradation that large-scale mechanized farming creates, he said.

He said locally grown food, pesticide-free, produced with more care and less mechanization, sold by a farmer you know and have come to trust, would come out cheaper by that measure.

Costs built into local food – Owen Sound Sun Times – Ontario, CA.