Transforming Ontario's Food Systems Together
  • Wilson_HannahFINALmeatmaker3000-150x150

    In-Vitro Meat

    By Hannah Wilson A spoof on growing your own meat as a comment on conventional meat production.

  • Way_Corey_foodstuff_2-150x150

    Genetically Modified Crops

    by Corey Way A look at international genetically modified crop production

  • Tsui_foodsustain-150x150

    How We Waste Food

    by Joanna Tsui A look at how much food is wasted in Ontario and why

  • sustainable-foraging-150x150

    Sustainable Foraging

    by Julien Buxton An overview of foraging for edible mushrooms

  • Sean_A-Battle-150x150

    A Battle for the Body

    by Sean England A look at some of the healthiest foods for your body


    Vitamin Water: Sham in a bottle p.1

    by Alex Rodway Debunking health claims made by vitamin water advertisements

  • MusialJ_SustainONPrintFRONT-150x150

    Food Education p.1

    by Jackie Musial A proposal for better food in schools

  • MusialJ_SustainONPrintBACK-150x150

    Food Education p.2

    by Jackie Musial A proposal for better food in schools

  • McPhee_Erin_FoodLiteracy_16_21-150x150

    Food Literacy

    by Erin McPhee A description of the problems with genetically modified organisms

  • MahmoodBushrafoodliteracyproject-150x150

    Energy Drinks: Uncovering a major corporate scam

    by Bushra Mahmood A history and health analysis of energy drinks