Ontario Edible Education Network – Phone Mentorship Program

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Would you like to learn from other individuals and organizations and share ideas and best practices?  The Ontario Edible Education Network is looking to help facilitate these types of conversations by launching a mentorship program. In addition to our mentorship travel opportunity we would like to support other learning opportunities such as telephone mentorship.  This may be particularly helpful for those who have limited time to travel, are a long distance away from others that they would like to learn from, or who don’t receive travel funding due to limited funding availability.

Phone Mentorship Program:

We would like to work in partnership with individuals and groups who are (or would like to be) working to connect children and youth to healthy food systems by providing opportunities for them to learn from each other.  For 2014 (and into the future if the program is successful) we can:

  • Connect individuals and groups for the transfer and sharing of knowledge and best practices
  • Provide a teleconference call line to connect individuals and groups who are interested in mentorship and/or learning from each other.
  • Host webinars about topics of interest within the context of mentorship.
  • Facilitate a teleconference call on an issue of interest to you and many others.

If you are interested in participating in our phone mentorship program, please send an email to Carolyn Webb indicating:

  • What you would like to learn / share information about.
  • Any suggestions for who you might want to have a conversation with.
  • Whether you would like to propose the subject for a webinar or teleconference (and please provide some additional context about your suggestion).

In the interest of sharing learnings more broadly: we would ask that once you have had these conversations, you send us a brief summary of your discussion(s) including what you heard, what you learned and how you and others might be able to apply what has been learned so that we can share them on our website.

If you have any questions or comments:

Please feel free to contact Carolyn Webb, Coordinator, Ontario Edible Education Network at: cwebb@sustainontario.ca. Our network would be happy to hear any suggestions and/or ideas that you may have regarding future mentorship opportunities!  We believe that by supporting each other and sharing best practices we can support many more children and youth to connect with healthy food systems.