The Ontario Food and Nutrition Consultation has launched!

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Author: Julia

Posted: April 24, 2012

Categories: economic development / Member Feedback / News from Sustain Members / Ontario Food Policy

We’re excited to announce that the Ontario Food and Nutrition Strategy Consultation has launched!

How to Participate:

1)   Read the strategy.

2)  Respond: Note which suggestions you support, oppose, or would suggest changes to. Add your own ideas for policy and action. The deadline for submissions is MAY 31, 2012.

3)   Submit your feedback through the web forms. Give us your feedback (big and small!) – from broad themes to word-smithing. If you REALLY, REALLY can’t use the web form, you may provide your feedback to

4)   Review the revised Strategy in June 2012.

How to organize community or group feedback:

We encourage you to review the strategy as a group and discuss it together. We hope that bringing a group together to discuss this will benefit you in thinking about your own work and your own food system. We welcome group submissions. To make it easy we’re providing some resources to help you organize your own consultation event.

1)   Use the materials provided and your own materials  to gather feedback on the strategy.

2)   Input the information into the web forms. If that is too difficult, you can mail the hard copies to Sustain Ontario at 365-401 Richmond St. W; Toronto, ON; M5V 3A8.

Thank you for the work that you do and for your participation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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About the Strategy

A group of organizations has come together to start developing a Food and Nutrition Strategy for Ontario. Through this Strategy we aim to set common goals and directions for the food system, and to coordinate our efforts so that we are all working together towards a food system that is good for food providers, eaters, and the province as a whole. We will also be using the recommendations created through this strategy to contribute to the Local Food Act and Childhood Obesity Strategy that the government is currently developing.

Our goal is to create a strategy that provides government, funders, and all of those working on the ground with common directions and with processes that will be useful in the long-term. The partners that have been working on the strategy to-date have created a draft of the strategy, but we need to hear from you. What have we gotten right? What needs to be removed? What needs to be edited? What is missing? Do you have stories, research, or studies that would support your suggestions?