Food Column: Sarah Elton on Underground Chickens

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Author: Carolyn

Posted: March 5, 2012

Categories: News from Sustain Ontario

CBC’s food columnist Sarah Elton was in today to tell us about the stand-off in our city about backyard chickens. Earlier this year, Toronto’s licensing and standards committee upheld a ban on backyard chickens which prompted by-law officers to start enforcing the rules. Sarah spoke to one backyard chicken owner who told her that, chicken owners are standing firm and holding onto their chickens. They are now waiting to see what happens in Calgary this March when resident Paul Hughes will challenge that city’s by-law in court, arguing that it is unconstitutional and that it violates an international human right to food. Listen audio(runs 6:01) To learn more about the court case, here. And to find out more about what’s happening in Toronto chickens.